Company Profile

Company Profile

        We, GHG Group, as one of the most reputed exporters of natural stone products for both international and China local, present a wide range of exquisite building stones including granite, marble, limestone as well as appealing accessories like composite panel, countertops, vanity tops, column, handrail, fireplace, monument, statues and etc. Last year, we exported over 1000 of 20'FCL for our customer in total. That is for we have good business relationship with our customers.

Why is China an ideal place for purchasing stones?
1. Scale: China has become the first stone exporter country in the world.
2. Varieties: There are more than 1000 types of registered stone materials from around the world.
3. Processing Technology: China has enjoyed the title of the world's stone processing plant. There are thousands of different companies in different stone businesses, which can meet the needs of different customer requirements.
4. Price: Because of economies of scale formed here in China, the prices of our finished goods are generally the most competitive globally.
5. Delivery: Shipment takes only 20-30 days.

Why choose GHG?
1. We have 10 years of experience of dealing in stones and a specialist service team in China, which can meet the need for local processing factories and large projects.
2. In UAE we have 3 years of marketing experience, and our staff can communicate with you in person, which can guarantee the satisfaction of your needs and avoid misunderstanding.

What GHG can do?
1. GHG can offer a show room In UAE, and you can go to it and select what you need at any time.
2. GHG provides the most cost-effective products and door to door service. You can refuse any products if you find them not satisfactory.
3. For big projects, GHG provides a whole set of services from designing processing, shipping, customs clearing, delivering to sites to installing.
4. For factories and large projects alike, we shall assign exclusive staff to follow up our service so as to solve any problems just in case.

        We sincerely invite any clients from all over the world to experience our service. Sincerely invite Middle East clients to visit our company. We are the first Chinese company which can supply Face to Face AND Door to Door service for U.A.E clients. 



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Date: 10/01/10