China's main producing sandstone


China, as one of the world's three major sandstone origin, has an extremely rich sandstone mineral resources, and because China is a vast complex geological environment, the variety China sandstone very much, but there are more than 100 mines in Sichuan Province. Although China is the more varieties of sandstone, but the main focus in Sichuan, Yunnan and Shandong, which is the three major producing areas of sandstone, while Hebei and Henan, Shanxi, Shaanxi, and other products are also known but not high, less influence .

China now concentrate on the three sandstone origin:

1. Sichuan sandstone

Siltstone sandstone is in Sichuan, its fine grain, soft texture, a perfect fit as a decorative building material, especially for carving stone. The geographic and geological conditions as more complex, so the sandstone varieties in Sichuan very much. Sichuan, the color of sandstone can be said that all of China's most abundant, red, green, gray, white, black, purple, yellow, green, etc., very much. However, due to its relatively soft materials, and transport facilities, backward ways of mining sandstone Sichuan basic supplies so that ribbon board, can not provide more than 1m a large plate. But if a small number of cases, the mine may turn cut by way of circular saws, a small amount of supply, however, because the higher breakage rate, more expensive. But I heard of Sichuan has a hardness comparable to granite, sandstone known, I do not have contact with, or should point to the feeling, but Sichuan is able to do some hard sandstone surface burning material processing.

2. Yunnan sandstone

Sichuan, Yunnan, with sandstone sandstone sandstone belong to the soil, as fine particles, soft texture. However, due to the formation of different geological and geographical environment, Yunnan, Sichuan sandstone sandstone relative terms, the texture will be more beautiful, have their own styles and characteristics, Yunnan is also rich in the color of sandstone, common yellow wood grain sandstone, landscape grain sandstone, red sandstone , yellow sandstone, white sandstone and green sandstone.

As the sandstone industry of Yunnan early start, higher mining and processing technology, can supply large panel of more than 1m, but the soft texture as siltstone, applications will be limited, generally to the main board specifications.

3. Shandong sandstone

Shandong sandstone sandstone belonging to the sea, more coarse grain structure, hardness larger, but more brittle. Shandong sandstone can be cut to 1.2m above the basic large board, some have even been used as countertops, there are a lot of Shandong sandstone can be made 1 cm of the sheet. Because of its strong enough, so they can carry out almost all of the surface processing. Shandong sandstone called the color of relatively small, mainly red, yellow, green, purple, brown, white. But with all the basic patterns of sandstone, Shandong, in addition to white sandstone and purple rock, I did not contact with other solid sandstone. In fact, the two are not all solid sandstone, white sandstone with Fugu, purple rock with white spots.

In fact, Henan and Hebei, and Shandong sandstone sandstone is relatively close to the sea are also on sandstone, coarse grain, hardness, but less color to wood grain sandstone. Shanxi and Shaanxi's no contact and not very clear, the color is more monotonous.

Date: 10/09/19