Sandstone Australia Introduction

Sandstone Australia is the world's very famous sandstone products, China sandstone, sandstone, Spain and India, the world's four major sandstone with sandstone (the four sandstone-producing areas). Australia is a quartz sandstone hundreds of millions of years by weathering, erosion, sedimentary formation. As Australia's stable geological block, the unique natural environment, creating good quality Australian sand, elegant colors and unique texture, is an excellent decorative stone.

Australia in terms of the sandstone can be classified into two broad categories. The first formed in the sea bed, is the sea sandstone (rock salt), while the second type are formed from the river mud sand (fresh rock). The expert analysis and test show that Australia's New South Wales, South Australia and Darwin Island produced by key provinces such as rock salt. Therefore, its high calcium content and salinity, so after installation, sand sheet in the sun, air and water under the action of oxidation rate faster than the same or other stone, which changes the negative of the color - yellow black. And because the sea-bed erosion levels of less frequent rapids and lower accordingly, so the sea sand particles organization is relatively rough, compared to fresh water mud sand combined with a more loose material phase is more brittle than simple lines.
Another sandstone-producing areas in Australia - Queensland, in particular the Helidon district area and Snow Southampton cement produced by key light sandstone. As the river bed

Holding constant the flow, water-impact, so the composition of fresh water mud sand sea sand than the fine particles, and the strong close. Due to the formation period, as there is plenty of land environment of uncertainty, environmental change large and complex geological conditions, there will be more fresh water mud-rich sandstone color and texture. Basically, the color of each mine, have different lines. Hence, Australia's freshwater sandstone with its excellent physical plasticity, and excellent equipment of the one, the world's best quality decorative stone of sandstone.

At present, the exploitation of fresh water has been roughly four categories sandstone color. They are: brown wood grain sandstone; white sandstone (white with purple veins, pure gray - Northampton area, only to produce); yellow sandstone (pure yellow) and the Symphony of sandstone (three-color mixed and presented colorful patterns.


Wood Sandstone

White sand

Yellow sandstone

Sandstone Symphony


Australian Sandstone features:

Australia is different from granite and marble sandstone has many features, such as natural environment protection, color and more partial warm, rich texture gorgeous artistic sense of moisture, non-slip, heat insulation, sound absorption, insulation, ventilation, non-glare light pollution, no radiation , wear lightweight, easy to process, the hardness range between granite and marble can be carved sculpture of a good strong performance. Overall, Australia Sand has the following five major features:

1. Environmental protection without radiation

Detected by authoritative research institutes, radioactive index close to zero, is not a radiation safety of green materials, suitable for home decoration.

2. Sound insulating effect

Detected by authoritative research institutes, which have significant acoustic properties, suitable for concert halls, halls, hotels and other public places, is both a decorative and environmentally friendly dual function of sound-absorbing material.

3. The role of thermal insulation

Detected by authoritative research institutes, the Australian sandstone thermal inertia index and thermal conductivity of insulation materials are up to the national standards, can improve the thermal insulation capacity building wall.

4. Moisture humidity effect

Wet weather, sand will automatically absorb the water vapor in the air, and the beads hanging from the surface will not be revealed; drying weather, will moderate the release of water vapor, to maintain air humidity balance will be breathing a decorative material.

5. Dongnuanxialiang

Compared to other stone, the temperature of the Australian sandstone less affected by the external temperature difference, whether summer or winter, the temperature is essentially maintained in the body feel more comfortable with the context, can be said Dongnuanxialiang is a very comfortable decoration products.

Date: 10/09/19