Shaped lines of the introduction of natural stone and classification

Natural stone lines: there made of natural stone, commonly used as indoor and outdoor buildings, mainly from a class of decorative materials decorative. Shaped stone lines, is different from the flat stone lines the need for complex processing of stone lines, but as shaped decorative stone lines and representative, generally classified as special-shaped lines, we regard the lines of class, also called stone flower line referred to as lines or colored thread.

Natural stone (shaped) line is usually made of natural marble, granite blocks into a single process or combination of mosaic pieces to form a whole, continuous stone lines, mainly used as door frames, window frames, handrails, countertops, roof, building corner, waist line, the edge of baseboard, etc., in order to achieve good visual effects cover the site, or from the modification of the purpose of beautification. Of course, from decoration stone addition to the role of the line, but also has some practical value, for example, has protective effects, especially with the wear and tear damage in some areas, such as decorative materials of different interfaces and shut Department, corner and so easy to crash Department and so on.

Part of the stone with a stone line is not processed, but with the molds to man-made stone repression. 

There are many types of natural stone lines are usually divided into the following categories:

By Stone Seed Processing:

Granite flower lines

Marble flower lines

Sandstone lines

Limestone lines

Artificial stone flower lines

One of the common lines are mainly granite and marble lines, but now, with the increased use of sandstone, sandstone used more and more lines, lines as easily weathered limestone corrosion, and the soft texture of Education, will be used less; The slate is not suitable for the problem because the work of texture lines.


By cross section (profile) diagram points:

Straight bit Flowers line: is the graphics for the rectangular cross-section line of flower lines.

Bend flex: a cross-section line graph for the irregular flowers.


Add by way of sub-surface:

Mirror (smooth) line: refers to the surface grinding polished, shiny flower with mirror lines.

Fine surface lines flower: a flower that smooth surface lines, such as for matt processing.

Rough flower lines (code-named C): means the surface roughness of the lines, such as the surface is singeing, ax chopping, sandblasting, etching and other processing.

Natural stone flowers line the surface processing methods chosen are mainly based on its use depends on the location, usually used in indoor or human contact area and more places will choose mirror, fine flour flower line, or not used in outdoor people or less with little human contact can choose more processed forms of the surface.

Date: 10/09/19