Where stone uesed

Kitchen Areas
Kitchen areas are hostile environments. Stone used in the kitchen should be as impervious as possible. Hardness, loh absorption and easy wipe-ability are primary physical characteristics necessary for long life and utility.

Bath Areas
Stone inside showers and around tub areas should be smooth and low absorbency. Polished surfaces require special care in wet areas. Think of stone installations in the bath area as you would a plumbing fixture - you want a smooth, easily wiped surface that is easy to sanitize and requires no special effort.
Hard water deposits can be very damaging to natural stone. If you have hard water you should soften it. Chemical cleaners should be carefully evaluated prior to using for compatibility with the stone. Never use acidic type cleaners on marble or limestone.

Exterior Areas
Exterior stone will weather sooner or later so expect some cosmetic changes over time. Polished surfaces show cosmetic changes rapidly in most exterior situations. Acid rain and pollution will attack natural stones - some more readily than others. Carbonate based stones are most sensitive, siliceous stone less sensitive as a rule.


Date: 10/09/19