Additional information about Tan Brown

  1. [Origin]: 

    Tan Brown Mine is located in the South India near the ANDRA PRADESH KARIMNAGAR province from the need to go there can first take a train to HYDERAB, transfer cars to go. Mine located in the mountains, a radius of about 5km2, some more than 10 mines, mining methods for the slopes or flat surface mining, mining point distribution is relatively concentrated.

Tan Brown Granite

    2. [Structural color]: 

    The end of Tan Brown had enjoyed mainly brown-like structure, according to different colors is divided into dark red, pink, large flowers, flowers and so on. The species is relatively stable, the same mine, its color, crystal, such as a slight change in the pattern.

Tan Brown Granite Tan Brown Granite

    3. [Main defects]:

    The main drawback is Tan Brown bile, black line, red bars, uneven texture, flower uneven crack.

Tan Brown Granite

    4. [Note]: 
    Tan Brown blocks palm size are large, but the output of the mines is not very high, generally 10 ~ 20m3 / day, of which several large mines can reach 50m3 / day, but the price is high, so that foot is generally about 25cm If defects are generally allows feet. The end of Tan Brown varieties prefer the little brown pattern of the market.

Tan Brown Granite

Date: 10/09/16