Artificial Granite

1. What is man-made granite?
Artificial granite, also known as synthetic stone, recycled stone, construction stone. It natural marble debris, powder as the main raw material, also can add mosaic, shell, glass and other materials as sand, organic resin as the cementing agent, by vacuum mixing, high pressure shock material made of square, then after curing at room temperature (curing time in 7 days or more), sawing, grinding, polishing and other processes the plate.

2. Granite origins as well as domestic and international developments
In other countries, research and development began in granite sixties of last century, in the eighties of last century, the formula of artificial stone stable, the development of processing machines have become increasingly sophisticated, particularly in Europe, Italy, Spain, Denmark and other traditional processing power of natural stone, stone processing machinery for the production of its long history, but with the new grinding material and the emergence of new diamond saw blade, especially automatic control technology, the successful application in industry, artificial stone / half has been out of the sixties machinery / technology, semi-manual mode of production, in Italy, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, a batch of high degree of automation, artificial stone production line. Granite manufacturing machinery / Gaode the best of Italy Pericom (Breton) company.

(A) Domestic granite state
Granite as a high-grade interior decoration material, in China's development can be roughly divided into two phases, the first domestic low-volume testing stage, the early eighties of last century, driven in a spate of building materials, some factories do with resin binder, filled with powder produced in the vibration platform, one centimeter thick sheet, as early granite products. Because of this product / correction curve, deformation, easy to aging, the product to market quickly be eliminated with. The second stage is a technology transfer phase, the mid-80s last century, stone industry accelerated the pace of introduction of technology, China has imported from Italy, granite Brighton company production line 5, the overall production capacity of about 1.5 million tons. Since the domestic market, also on the rise since the nineties, the use of granite products from the South to the Northern Development.

(B) the status of foreign granite
Are: Italy, "Quarella" (Bulgari to) (with five branches, annual production of about 4 million square meters), "AMSM" Cherokee (reported in China in 2006, we sold more than ten million square meters) , "Rover"; Spain, "MCC", "Silestong Sally Stone" (10 production lines, production of 3 million square meters), Taiwan's "Rome, granite," Turkey "Cimstone" and so on.

3. Granite prospects
The development of granite stone on the rational use of resources is of great significance, particularly the State promulgated the "Mineral Resources Protection Act," the use of mineral resources will be strictly controlled, the phenomenon of a waste of mineral resources will be stopped. Although China is rich in natural stone resources, but now a waste of amazing, they grow up rate was only about 30%, the rest into a large number of stone, except a small amount of use, the majority of a waste rock disposed of, resulting in wastage of resources. These granite stone can be the main material, turning waste into wealth. Therefore, the development of granite in line with national basic national policy of comprehensive utilization of resources. Granite processing technology using advanced automated assembly line process, which guarantees fundamental characteristics of its own board, are very popular for large buildings, designers like to use granite. Large-scale construction in recent years, often using foreign country, Hong Kong and Taiwan designers design, also driving the demand for granite, demand is higher than a year a year, more optimistic outlook. In the artificial stone industry, "crown" brand granite is a large brand. Granite are generally square shaped materials, products, mainly raw materials, natural marble, more than 92% particle content in the retention of natural Shigao Gui, elegant features, a more beautiful color, color uniformity, size, precision, finish high compression resistance grinding, good air permeability, environmental protection, can be refurbished and so many times, is a popular international green environmental protection decoration material.

4. Granite and natural marble difference.
As the granite composition containing more than 92% natural marble, it is natural, Dan Gaogui, elegant features, a more beautiful color, color uniformity, size, precision, high finish, compression wear, good air permeability, environmental protection, multiple renovation, etc., is an international epidemic of green decorative material. Has the following characteristics:

(1) color small: As the concentration of ingredients used in the synthesis process, completely solved the problem of natural stone in the decoration process can not solve the problem of chromatic aberration, has a large color difference is small, even the appearance of a uniform color pattern, the overall decoration effect is good, especially for large projects in large-scale pavement. Crown granite products suitable for hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, subway and other places of large area decoration, but also the family room decoration and craft the ideal material for furniture production.

(2) no radiation: As the granite on the choice of materials strictly screen, almost completely removed the stone contained the radioactive element. Granite building material products fully comply with radiation protection standards for the civil standard of GB6566-2001 Class A decorative material requirements.

(3) High intensity: granite production process to eliminate all the dark crack, crack, making the process safer pavement; through high-tech processing and advanced molding process, so that the strength of granite to be strengthened (part strength on the same type of natural stone), originally scheduled for more than 20 mm of natural stone to some intensity now can be 12 mm thick. Performance indicators in line with the export of man-made stone industry standard SN/T0308-93. Granite polishing wax products in the factory before and after the use of regular maintenance will greatly slow down the aging process. Practice confirmed that granite as the initial strength, 10 years later, the strength reduced by 1 / 3 of reach after more than 80Mpa, color retention, better than the same period in the construction of natural marble, fully meet the demand of users.

(4) full range, beautiful color: can the other into the shell, glass, lens, mosaic materials such as sand,; species richness, range, also in accordance with the customer, the color manufacturing process, the user or design can be based on their personality and style choice of varieties, the interpretation of the unique decoration effect.

(5) Quality and stability: granite special manufacturing process, the world's leading technical level, its products have a stable and reliable quality assurance. Compared with ceramic tile, granite have multiple renovation, Size large, and good flatness; Our square metal forming products can be shaped granite processing, the advantages of higher density.

(6) weight: lighter weight than the equivalent of 10% natural marble, consistent with China's Ministry of Construction on the building load-bearing standards.

(7) easy to cut, installation is simple: As the exact thickness of the same size, so paving can be used conventional methods, such as the keel hit pavement, adhesive, cement paving, mastic adhesive, etc., hanging open. Simple installation method, flexible granite paving way to another strong advantage.

Date: 10/06/22