Black Galaxy Granite

Mine distribution: This immense galaxy in the stone, there are still 15 years after a bright shining light of Venus, it is India's Black Galaxy Granite. The granite produced in India, there are other good reputation, such as "Silver Star", "Galaxy granite," "Black Galaxy" and so on. Over the years, people have been dumping her unique charm. So far, total sales of up to one million cubic meters.

"Black Galaxy" granite plaque. Gold plaque formation because it contains a mineral called enstatite, enstatite are rich in iron, this granite school called "anorthite gabbro", and its Mohs hardness (Mohs) 4.5 degrees. As a medium-hard, so excellent polishing degree, suitable for use in interior decoration. According to the different sizes of gold spot, "Black Galaxy" granite can be divided into three types:

1. Daikin spot "Black Galaxy" granite;

2. In the gold spot, "Black Galaxy" granite;

3. Xiaojin spot "Black Galaxy" granite.

"Black Galaxy" quarry in India, Ongole region Chimmakurthi Andhra Desa Bang town, from the southeastern port city of Madras, India, 350 km. By train from Madras (6 hour trip) first Ongole, then via road to reach the mining area. 400 acres in the range of radius, there are 40 quarries in the area of each quarry between 2-20 acres, and a high degree of mechanization. Constantly updated its equipment, the latest generation of machinery and equipment in there everywhere.
Most deposits is the main headache for the serious shortage of quarry stone extraction. In almost all the quarry, the quality of mine is very limited, so that greatly increased the cost of granite mining. However, despite many unfavorable factors, the output of the color of the granite is still relatively high, because it is the world's one of the most expensive granite. Most of the minerals in the subsurface. Stone in white or black stripes, almost all the quarries have this problem. In recent years, these flaws affect the price of stone, but also to the quarry yields.

"Black Galaxy" in the 3500-4500 cubic meters of granite per month, which contained only 40% of large stone blocks. Rock is often called "cutting machine specifications stones," that is 2.4 x 1.2 x 1 meter. The price per cubic meter of 1350-1600 dollars (FOB port of Madras.) The main buyers of the major companies in Europe and India, plant. These plants have been in the United States, Europe and Australia have their own "Black Galaxy" sheet market. In these countries, it is usually processed into this stone cabinet table. In recent years, due to processing plants in India in the "Black Galaxy" plate sales strategy to take a strong offensive, so greatly affected plants in Europe.

Relatively small size of the plates and blocks are mainly exported to China. China's market demand for this plate is very large, resulting in nearly 95% of these plates are sold to China. Now people can always see the quarry from Chinese traders in the test this stone. Chinese people do not care whether the stone in white or black stripes, so the purchase of stone with this defect, always able to discount. Even the ingenuity of a quarry owner, the address written in his own quarry in Chinese. Sands of small black blocks in the 650-950 dollar price / per cubic meter. But now sold to China's large size the number of blocks and boards more and more.

"Black Galaxy" a major exporter of granite stone blocks for the Madras port, nearly 85% of the steady stream of stone shipped from here all over the world. 10 million people in the area of direct or indirect employment opportunities.

However, despite the good prospects for Black Galaxy granite, but one of the most worrying thing is - almost exclusively Black Galaxy only rely on a Chinese market. Most of the quarry mainly by the survival of Chinese customers, which is obviously very dangerous. The situation we had to red granite with India compared, because the color of the granite is almost entirely dependent on the Chinese market (currently in China, the color of the granite market has been very small, because it has the color tired - It is actually not as the original author put it, the red granite sales in China is still very large, the real reason is because the radiation level of India exceeded the red granite. In the last five years, China's eyes turned to "Black Galaxy." We expect the interest of Chinese people can last longer duration and more.

 "Black Galaxy" granite quarry distribution:

Black Galaxy

 "Black Galaxy" granite quarry-site scene:

Black Galaxy

Different types of "Black Galaxy" Granite:

India MARMI BRUNO ZANET Daikin Stone's spot, "Black Galaxy" granite.

India POKARNA GRANITES granite company in the gold spot, "Black Galaxy" granite.

Oscar Group Indian INGEMAR GROUP spot "Black Galaxy" granite.

(The reason why the Indian black granite Sands will appear mainly due to the different types caused by different origin, that is actually a strict different granite stones of different kinds.)

Black Galaxy

Date: 10/09/25