Blocks of Kashmir Gold granite mining method

Kashmir Gold granite mining diagram:

The mainstream of the international exploitation of Kashmir Gold granite blocks is mainly by holes - Splitting the way to mining, so mining specifications of large Kashmir Gold granite blocks, the controlled size, shape warping, cracking little flaws, mine output large, blocks lumber rate, and the relatively small damage to the environment, mining production conditions.

Kashmir Gold granite

The main operational procedures for Kashmir Gold:

1. Drilling --- blocks according to the required specifications or the specifications of the most intensive exploitation of economic hole spacing is generally 23-30CM. Mining equipment used here is mainly vertical and horizontal drilling machine drilling machine.

2. Followed by the use of hydraulic equipment, the Kashmir Gold granite stone blocks from the ore body on the splitting Splitting open. Hydraulic splitting machine is mainly used.

3. If the relatively large size blocks or blocks bad shape, will be divided on the blocks or trimming. This time mainly in two ways

The same way as a kind and mining, with holes - Splitting method is mainly used for small car plant or a combination drilling machine Drilling machine;

Another is to use a wire saw to cut Kashmir Gold granite, plastic trim, and the main equipment is shaping diamond wire saw machine, of course, also need to meet turn turn skip blocks of Kashmir Gold granite.

4. Finally loader or crane is used to transport blocks to the yard blocks.

Marble mining blocks

Schematic diagram of marble mining

Because of its relatively soft texture of marble, so mining will be relatively more ways, but mainly in three ways: First, said earlier openings - Splitting method;

Second, chain saw mine mining method;

Third, rope saw mine exploitation hair.

Hole - Splitting mining method has been introduced on the front, not repeat it here.

Mine chain saw mining method

Mine mining method is to use chain saws chain saws to mine ore mining marble. Let's know about what is mine chain saw. Figure:


Kashmir Gold granite

Mine the word chain saw chain saws have alloy stone head, using circular motion the chain of drive heads cut stone. The cutting speed can reach 3-15CM / min, maximum cutting length can reach 6.2 meters. But mine only for cutting marble chain saw.

With a chain saw to extract marble mine is mine first chain saw to cut along the horizontal marble ore body, after cutting along the vertical plane, generally in accordance with established size to cut blocks of marble. This obviates the need to separate link repair blocks.

Mining Mine Wire Saw

Wire Saw is the use of mines to exploit marble blocks.

Its first determine a cut off of the blocks to size, along with external size of the first drill hole (drill hole is in fact a drilling machine, horizontal drilling can also be vertical drilling, and drill rod can continue to access their long, 30 meters deep to drill two holes) out of a hole, so that justice can cross to the diamond saw, and then is to use diamond wire saw to cut mine blocks. As a general wire saw cutting with mine blocks are relatively large, so there will need to use blocks of Plastic Machine (plastic wire saw or chain saw) to separate the marble blocks of the dressing.

Currently a large international mining field are using wire saws and chain saws mine to extraction of marble blocks, with holes - relatively fewer Splitting mining method. And because most of the mines are mines rope chain saws and saws, so combined with a new marble out of production method, is to mine wire saws and chain saws used in combination, so efficient is better.

But as the stone with a tungsten carbide research and development, now there have been many devoted to the exploitation of the diamond mines of Kashmir Gold granite cutting rope saw, a lot of mine also used to exploit mining rope saw blocks of Kashmir Gold granite.

Date: 10/09/13