Hang Gray marble used in U.N. background Wall

Hang Gray Marble  Hang Gray Marble

     The new unit opened a marble mine, located in scenic Hangzhou outskirts of Fuyang. Professional mining production according to customer specifications for the red white tendons tendons, Hangzhou and marble mine Huangliao sheet, the mining of solid marble structure, the bulk density far exceeding the national standard, bright color, pattern clear. Yellow-green is the color white ash Heihong several valuable species representative of gray in color and is the only scarce resources, Hangzhou, and only a stone high-quality varieties, vast numbers of merchants throughout the warm welcome. 

       Hang gray marble will continue to follow the world trend, innovation, better products to meet the users, and serves the general public. Hang Gray Marble is ready to bring you "Fanpuguizhen, return to nature".

Date: 10/08/27