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Mosa Classico Marble Composite StoneMosa Classico Marble

"There did not know Mosa Classico" is widespread in Chinese society the one saying, metaphor shallow knowledge, lack of ability to identify things. However, this statement through torrents in Hong Kong is widespread, its meaning is that there did not know Mosa Classico, marble here is a jade Phyllostachys, Mosa Classico has become a symbol through torrents Kong, Hong Kong proud to say: "Phyllostachys Yu, Hong Kong only if we have!", Hong Kong more Mosa Classico town reputation.

In the stone industry, the threshold for entering the industry is not very high, precisely because of this reason, companies large and small stone on the market are overwhelming, but it really can make a humble stone features, make the brand and the expertise to do , however, are few and far between, Hubei, Shandong Rui Tong Stone Co., Ltd. is one of the few. Phyllostachys the name of a long history of jade, the earliest is the first to find a foreign friend, and be its name. Phyllostachys jade mine resource less, in Hong Kong also a dozen mines, GHG has 56 mining points, Hong Kong accounted for one fifth of mine points.

GHG GROUP 2003 started to engage in stone industry, at that time on the set with gold, white marble provisions of a soft spot, when the business is very tough in the mountains inaccessible by road, saw a good board simply can not be transported down the mountain, only a small mountain sawn board and then took down a little, night and day shuttling between the mine and processing sheet is so difficult environment, through unremitting efforts to overcome the business development process of the difficulties and setbacks, and then to business from scratch grow and prosper, step by step to success.

Mosa Classico Marble


Mosa Classico is black and brown the bottom end of Recessed gold, platinum, there is a non-payment, which is brown with gold or platinum end of the most classic. Now the company annual slate of 40 000 m2, multi-plate size to 2.2m * 2.8m, have adopted the framework of saw cutting, made of large slabs, mosaic made of small, Europe, America, Middle East, and Japan, China many are sold in Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Xi'an and Chengdu. At present, our products can be used in hotel reception desk, dining table, bar, etc., in the United Kingdom over the fireplace and the basin for doing so.

In 2009, a French jeweler to see first thing on GHG's Mosa Classico applauded again and again, did not ask the price, directly under the orders, he has a dozen stores around the world, was in Hong Kong is to find the right home decoration plate, he thought Mosa Classico perfectly with his stable of stores required by atmospheric winds, bought plate after finishing in the air back to the mainland, there regardless of cost.


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Date: 10/09/06