Recommended Use of Rojo Alicante


The Rojo Alicante is an internationally recognized Spanish natural stone, with different applications found pretty much all over the World. But the types of applications that have given the most credit to this marble are found in interior decoration and flooring (essentially interior applications). It is common to find amazing applications of the Rojo Alicante in fireplaces, diverse furniture, bathroom design (basins and basin tables), kitchen countertops, among others.

The Rojo Alicante is a popular and well-recognized natural stone on the international market, being recognized for its beautiful background and deep red colour. Its amazing uniform and strong red colour combines perfectly with lighter coloured stones, as well as with stone with other colours (such as blue, grey, yellow and others).

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Below you can find some applications of the Rojo Alicante marble in different situations.

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Author: Ghg_admin
Date: 10/05/20