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The regionRojo Alicante

The Rojo Alicante is explored around the town of Monovar, which is located nearby Alicante, in the region of Valencia - Spain. One of the theories about the town´s name come from the Latin Mons Novar "Monte Nuevo" (meaning New Mountain in English), where there are remainings of a necropolis. Another theory (that many say to be more appropriate) defends that the town´s name comes from the arabic word Manowar "Florecido" (bloomed in English). Arabic is precisely the origin of the actual population.

Rojo AlicanteThe local economy´s structure is based on a well developed shoe and leather industries, but also on the transformation of a diversity of agricultural products such as wine (with several wines with Origine Denomination of Alicante, the exclusive Fondillon or the Muscat) or dried fruits. The 20th century has seen the consolidation of a strong shoe industry. Finally, the extraction and transformation of the Rojo Alicante marble in the Cavarassa quarries represent another relevant economic activity in this area.




The marble

Rojo AlicanteThe Rojo Alicante is explored by several companies around the town of Monovar, and more precisely around the towns of La Romana and El Cantón (both located few kilometers soutwest of Monovar). The quarries are considered of medium-large dimension, with exploration areas with a variable width and divided in several layers. The blocks extracted can have a small to large dimension. And it is estimated that the original quarries will have a lifetime between 40 to 50 years.

The Rojo Alicante is the most renowned red coloured Spanish marble. In the Spanish market, it has been one of the most used marbles during the 20th century architecture. During the 80´s, it had a considerable demand on the USA market. At present, its demand has decreased if compared with the previous booom. But despite this, the Rojo Alicante is still one of the most demanded marble all over the World and a reference marble from Spain.

Overall analysis

The most interesting aspect of the Rojo Alicante is its appearance. The marble has a strong and uniform red coloured background, which has a great demand. The Rojo Alicante is possibly the red marble with the strongest and liviest red colour in the World. In addition, it presents a very healthy extraction: where despite the intense extraction in the past years, new and productive extraction layers are being regularly found.

On the other hand, its useful to say that blocks with the intense colour (and more demanded) are not abundant. It is also common to find ruptures in some of the blocks, which weakens the slabs and finished product. Finally, the Rojo Alicante can esily present signs of wear, specially in applications such as exterior flooring with moderate to high utilization.


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Date: 10/05/20