Rojo Alicante Description

The Rojo Alicante is a red coloured marble, with fine grain and variable light reddish tones. It may present some occasional white veinage and few fossils remains. 

Rojo Alicante's main variations depend normally on the intensity of the red colour, the abundance of the white veinage and the possibility of having greenish or yellowish coloured spots.

In order to evaluate the true quality of the Rojo Alicante, it is important to consider its colour intensity and uniformity. In terms of hardness, the Rojo Alicante is considered a hard natural stone.

Rojo Alicante

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The Rojo Alicante marble is explored around the town of Monovar, which is located in the Alicante province (region of Valencia) - southeast of Spain. In fact, the two most relevant extraction areas area located some kilometers southwest of Monovar, around the towns of:
- La Romana, which is located few kilometers southwest of Monovar and is still part of the Valencia region;

- El Cantón, which is located few kilometers southwest of Monovar, nearby La Romana. It is also part of the Valencia region.

Monovar is located at about 150 kilometers southwest of Valencia and at about 390 kilometers southeast of the Spanish capital Madrid. It is located at the heart of one of the most important natural stone extraction and transformation centers in Spain.


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Date: 10/05/18