Shanxi Black granite characteristics and utilization of mineral resources

Analysis: Laishi ZHAO, Shuyun GONG, Cheng CHI (China University of Geosciences, Wuhan)

Shanxi Black granite origin in hunyuan town is the mine of particularly China and the world's largest mining of black granite, this paper systematically expounded the geological characteristics of resources, ore type, product characteristics, performance characteristics and the development and utilization of decoration. 
Key words: Shanxi Black, Granite

Shanxi BlackShanxi BlackShanxi BlackShanxi Black

    Shanxi Black granite deposit is located in Green County, Shanxi Province hunyuan ciyao Township is Village, mining town 25km away from the hunyuan Department, there are township roads and soul ~ muddy main highways, transportation convenience.

A geological features
1.1 Output Background: hunyuan Granite Construction on the earth, in the North China Platform northern Shanxi Taiwan anticline. Area has gone through various stages of long-term tectonic movement. Development of a more complete stratigraphy, magmatic activity frequently very complex structure. Channel region is more than ten articles were found in basic intrusive
Rock, single dykes 5-20km, to form large-scale ore diabase dikes of granite-based group. Invasion of ancient strata have five groups based Ethernet. 
    Shanxi Black Granite hunyuan was vein, NW in the plane to the parallel distribution was inclined to NE. Angle 60. - 80 '. The output of the environment to light as the main, the largest dykes long 20km. Wide 20 ~ lOOm. Ore body exposed conditions are good, weathered layer 5-20m range, hydrogeology section. So simple, large-scale machine with good mining conditions.
1.2 The geological characteristics
1.2.1 ore type and composition: communication of the ore bodies are in one of the largest, can be used as examples of the study. Length of the ore mining area extends over 2,000 m. Width 100 m, Local 50 - 70m, continuous and stable. Occurrence NE60 ° <70 ° ~ 80 °. From east to west across the dike, and then click
Are pure black with a "black spot" gabbro-diabase (width 10-15m), pure black uniform of the diabase particles (width 50 - 70m), gray and black with white spots and dark spots Su Changhui monzonite (W 5 - 20m). The ore types, structures, mineral composition and trade names

Table 1, Form of Stone Feature

Product Name:1)Shanxi Black A 2)Shanxi Black B 3)Shanxi Black C
Stone Types:1)Diabase,2)Gabbro-Diabase,3)Gabbro
Structure:1)Fine-grained diabase structure, block structure
                   2)In fine-grained gabbro structure of block structure
                   3)Small, medium grain structure of block structure gabbro
Mineral Composition %:
1)Variable augite pyroxene 35, double-crystal polymer film 50 specialty stone, ring 5 feldspar, hornblende 3, biotite, 2, 3 titanium magnetite, quartz 1, pyrite from 0 to 2
2)Hypersthene B, augite 35, polyethylene film of 45 double-crystal plagioclase, feldspar zone 5, 3 hornblende, biotite 2, quartz 2
3)Hypersthene 15, variable pyroxene 25, polyethylene film of 30 double-crystal plagioclase, feldspar zone in the 20, 5 titanium magnetite, biotite 2, 0 to 2 pyrite, quartz 1 

    As the ore composition, structure is different, in the development process on naturally into the Shanxi black A, B, and C 3 species. Meanwhile, according to market demand and prices are different based on their particle size, in turn subdivided into Shanxi black A large flower, the flower, small flower three subspecies.

1.2.2 Physical properties of minerals: mineral physics, mechanical property test results, seek Table 2; ore chemical components.

1.2.3 Determination of radioactivity: In order to learn about the three rock types (diabase, gabbro-diabase, gabbro) radiation intensity, for a continuous gamma measurement. It was determined that in Shanxi black A, B, C are three types of gamma-intensity rock little rock is generally fresh 12.1 <IO-9T-13.5 <10-9T. A maximum of 14 - lO-Hibi T: the three rock types also had smooth continuous gamma delete content, the results were 11.5 <lO-9T-12.1 <lO-qT. This shows that the intensity stability of radioactive ore, far below the requirements of the State (<40,10-qT or 407)

1.2.4 ore into waste rate: the desolation and the rate and the ore body joints and fractures and statistical representation of the. Outside the mining section, a reasonable choice for the small three statistical measurements of joints. Is the "third measurement point as an example. On this basis, according to cracks and joints, cracks in the joints, The maximum cutting municipal control blocks (> 0 Srr13). The joints between the granite block crack length (a) and width of love (b) can be "measured, its height or depth of cut cut general Tsui flow between the surface by the subject (h). Blocks of the block degree (m3) a bxh. computability theory into the waste rate accordingly. Well, the weighted average rate of 83.7% theoretical desolation. Among them, the larger size blocks of 75% Si, the machine is suitable for large-scale mining.

2 Development and Utilization
2.1 "Shanxi black" granite varieties, characteristics of goods and decorative performance by rock type, structure and composition of different ore can be divided into A
(Large flower, the flower, small flower), B and c, the local sites are uniformly distributed particles of about 0.1-2mm Blind pyrite. Output jumped in hunyuan "Shanxi Black" A main, dense stone, block, damage was light like pure black, fine, glossy, high gloss, colorless line spots, with the world

Class brand "Indian black", "South Africa's black", "Swedish black" comparable to or even exceed them, with good decorative performance, is shaped columns, countertops, floors and other high-grade decoration Need materials, particularly processed into scientific and technological content and high culture and art of "Japanese".

European-style "tombstone, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, customers very interested in, the price is extremely expensive, up to s (J - 140 USD / inch range (FOB price of only .1 = 0.0278m '). Blocks FOB Tianjin port up to 500 - 1,100 U.S. dollars / 1113, resistance by the fine pattern.

Photo by popularity. If the blocks evenly divided city of pyrite, the price falls far short of the general can only be processed into building materials. Shanxi Black A similar product, Fengzhen in Inner Mongolia, Hebei Fuping, Yixian also education distribution. 

Shanxi Black

    Shanxi Black B (black spot Department of olivine, hypersthene, magnetite polycrystalline titanium), Shanxi black C (dark spots with the former, Department of particles with a ring of white spots in normal feldspar) is compact block, close light like a black glossy, high gloss, also decorated with good performance and is an excellent building material sheet. However, far less than the market price "Shanxi Black" A. Affect the "Shanxi Black" B, C Stone main drawback is the price of spots in the mining and energy splitting blocks away on the increase, would allow part of the stone closer to "Shanxi Black-A, significantly increased its sales price :

    Table 5, Shanxi Black blocks specifications and prices of mining guide
Blocks Specifications m3                                   Mine Price / RMB Yuan / m3 
                                                             A (tombstone blocks)                     BC (building materials)
0.3 ~ 0.5                                                     3500 ~ 4500                                        1500 ~ 2500
0.5 ~ 1                                                         5000 ~ 5500                                        1500 ~ 2500
1 ~ 2                                                            6000 ~ 6500                                         3000 ~ 3200
2 ~ 3                                                            7000 ~ 7500                                         3500 ~ 4500
> 3                                                                8000 ~ 8200                                         4500 ~ 5500
 * Building Blocks in the exploitation or a combination of wedge splitting time. The blocks of the length or width of 30cm in the multiples to be more split, to suit market demand.

2.2 Exploitation

2.2.1 Mine Evaluation: "Shanxi black" granite for the compact block, the average high compressive strength, acid and alkali, high gloss, strong wind of radioactive low, especially construction materials do an excellent Tomb 100 material. Ore body is located above the base level of erosion, most of the exposed bedrock along the strike. Hills and slopes, good stability, large reserves, suitable for large-scale mining machine. It is estimated that ore body is a long trench region more than 2,000 m. Width 100m. May take the average width of 50m, C + D-class reserves of 1496000m3, prospective reserves 5984000m3.

2.2.2 Development and Utilization: The ore mines of Mechanical and hand points are combined using a platform-style exploration. Separation, split mainly rock drill chisel eye, artificial wedge combination of wedge cracking and controlled blasting. Excavator slagging down stone. Presently, the Amoy region "Shanxi black" granite mine a total of six outside.

Shanxi Black

Enterprises with a total investment of more than 10 million U.S. dollars, an annual output of more than 20,000 selected blocks m3. Mine delivery price per m3 for the 400-1000 dollars, the annual production value of selected eight million U.S. dollars - 2000 million. Blocks products are mainly exported to Japan, Taiwan, Korea and other countries and regions, some sold to Guangdong, Fujian and other places, processed into semi-finished and finished products are exported tombstone tongue are made great social and economic benefits.

3 Conclusion 
    Shanxi Black granite black granite is a premium product, selling price is high, and extensive radiation, is the export of Chinese granite pillars of mineral products. But less than 0. Im3 following small blocks are usually regarded as waste rock handling, the proposed plant in the vicinity of the mine, the nearest. Semi-finished products processing headstone, pavilions, gardens, stone or decorative plates, to improve their resource utilization.

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Published Date :1999-11-16

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