Wikipedia of G654 (Sesame Black)

G654 concept
G654 is a black sesame, sesame gray granite stone national standard classification number, which originated in Fujian Province Changle, Changtai, Zhangpu, Longhai, etc., Fujian Changtai fangyang town rich reserves in particular, a piece of the domestic and international markets are very popular with designers and consumers favor of granite, its annual domestic sales and exports are very alarming.
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G654 technical parameters
Granite description
Name: Sesame Black, Sesame Grey
Stone Number: G654
Origin: Zhangzhou, Fujian Changtai
Physical technical performance
Bulk density: 2.8 g/cm3
Water absorption: 0.17%
Dry compressive strength: 218.3 MPA
Water-saturated compressive strength: MPA
Dry bending strength: 26.6 MPA
Flexural strength of water saturation: MPA

G654's origin location and traffic conditions
G654 granite of the main origin (mines) is the mayor of Zhangzhou in Fujian Province town of Thailand Ocean County Fang Wu Tian Shan. Mine is very accessible, 50 km east to Xiamen Port, 30 km south of Zhangzhou Hong Kong; a provincial highway and 324 National Highway, 319 National Road, Fu Chao highway connected; Yingtan to Changtai railway station and the national rail network linking with .

G654's major manufacturers
Fujian Huatai G654 granite stone is the most important manufacturers, located in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, Thailand and the county mayor G654 sesame black sesame ash origin, G654 granite products include: polished boards, fire boards, machine polishing plate, hammered, mushroom, project board, environment stone, to pavement, road extension of stone, a small square stone building and supporting a variety of stone; products are not only sold well in major cities, but also exported to the United States, Canada, UK, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other countries and area.

G654 granite use
G654 granite is the world's most famous granite one species can serve as a board, ground floor, countertops, sculpture, works wall panels, interior wall panels, floor, Plaza project board, the environment and other decorative architectural and garden Luyandan stone materials.

G654 export market demand analysis
1. The United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Sweden
5. Australia
6. Netherlands
7. Italy
8. Germany
9. Denmark
10. France

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Date: 10/05/12