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Hanbai Yu


Chinese Name: Hanbai Yu
English name: White Jade Marble
In daily life, we often see elegant tone, texture clear, beautiful marble pattern. People used to decorate the marble walls, making the desktop and various stationery and handicrafts. Beijing Forbidden City [1] The railings around the hall station base is made with pure white marble. This pure white marble called the white marble. White marble: it is a crystal white marble, colored Baichun Jie, includes flash crystal, gives spotless and solemn beauty. White Jade marble (Hanbai Yu) of the total production output of about 30%, more as a sculpture, portraits, statues, animals and plants.


View from the historical data, marble mining, can be traced back at least before the Tang Nan Zhao, built in the Tang Dynasty a thousand years ago, Dali Three Pagodas, building on the already exquisite marble carving products used, and with high technological level . Tombs such as the history of the Imperial Palace Imperial Palace in Beijing and the Ming Tombs are a lot of use of the Yunnan marble. 50 years ago marble mining, processing, stuck in the manual mode of production until 1953, built a marble factory in Dali, and gradually realized the mechanized production, increased product range, technology improved. Their products, in addition to domestic needs, but also exported to Southeast Asia and the Arab market.

White Marble

Many people may have seen the burning of raw materials --- limestone mortar, marble is the ordinary gray stone by this change to the. The limestone into marble, the "hero" is the hot underground magma. When the magma rushed to a large limestone rock in time, the magma extrusion, baking, the composition of limestone, calcium carbonate particles into a crystal of calcite, limestone also become insignificant smooth and beautiful marble pattern clear . Marble has a variety of colors and textures, white marble is flawless white marble, its crystal white, crystal embedded flash, shine, is a very expensive building materials. Pure white calcium carbonate rock called marble. It is mainly CaCO3, MgCO3, SiO2, also contains a small amount of Al2O3, Fe2O3 and other ingredients. Reference material parameters are: whiteness, gloss, compressive strength, flexural strength, Shore hardness, water absorption, density and so on. Generally believed that it was under the influence by the magmatic hydrothermal to produce different levels of carbonate formation of hydrothermal metamorphism and dynamic metamorphism formed under conditions of metamorphosed sedimentary deposits. White marble is pure white marble, is a form of limestone. Use whole body white marble, statues, etc. are also used for carving the West from ancient Greece on the use of white marble as a material portrait sculpture. From ancient China, began production in this stone palace of stone steps and the fence, the so-called "puzzle Zhu Lan Yu", gorgeous jade, so called white marble. Front of the Tiananmen Square, the Golden Water Bridge, Palace of the palace base, stairs, fence is made with white marble. Royal white marble of ancient Chinese architecture, sculpture using precious stone, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, the Golden Water Bridge and other classic buildings have a lot of use. In the People's Heroes Monument, the Great Hall of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and other works of contemporary country, also has wide application. They use the white marble, is specific large Hongshiwo Beijing Fangshan Village West Town, a stone quarry in the produce. In 1998, the State Building Material Bureau Stone Quality Monitoring Center, China Association of Ping Chu Stone 83 new special stone, white marble was named Fangshan high Zhuang 1101, called "China No. 1."

Currently, there are many varieties of domestic white marble, such as Fangshan marble, white Henan, Sichuan and white, but only the white marble Fangshan large Hongshiwo real white marble. Also in the 2008 Olympics, Beijing Olympics Water Cube and National Indoor Stadium in white marble sculpture of white marble from Anhui Susong, this white marble is a new mine, new varieties.

Date: 10/09/09