Wikipedia of Hang Grey Marble

Hang Grey Marble is famous in China, the main output in Hangzhou - Fuyang - Tonglu - Jiande line, NE - SW extension.

Hang Grey Marble

The marble ledge Chuanshanian mainly Carboniferous Limestone, the upper is light gray limestone, also known as "shallow Hang gray", unifying numbered 056 - 1; lower layer thick dark gray line every co-crystallization of limestone, known as " Hang deep gray "and" Hang Grey, "the origin of the marble, uniform number is 056; as a fine suture line and the red calcite veinlets, forming beautiful patterns unique to cloudy, coupled with fine mineral crystal, polished plate surface gloss high, decorative finishes are excellent building stone.

Physical and chemical properties of minerals: their chemical composition: Sio20.29%, Al2o30.76%, Cao55.08%, Mgo0.07%, Fe2o30.S03%, Mno20.01%, K2o0.07%, Na2o0.07%, burn Loss 43.65%;

Ore physical properties: compressive strength 119.05MPa, flexural strength 11.75MPa, hardness 63HS, gloss greater than 90 degrees.

Hang Grey original, mainly in Hangzhou zhuantang Shilongshan mining, since 2005, because of tourism and environmental protection requirements, Shilongshan "Hang gray ore" has been closing off hills for the ban on logging, are the main origin for the gray Hangzhou Fuyang Fang well thatched dock, The real estate "Hang gray" (dark gray, red root) using wire saw cutting, the largest blocks fragmentation 12 cubic meters, generally in the 6-10 cubic meters, an overall good of up to 2-3 million years of mining cubic meters of feeding ability. 

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