Dry Construction of Tropical Green Marble

1 Scope

    This technology is applicable to industrial and civil engineering, the exterior panels hanging process.

    The process is the use of corrosion resistant bolts and flexible joints, the Tropical Green Marble and other stone hanging in the building structure facing the outer surface of the stone and the structure of leaves between 40 ~ 50mm in the cavity, its structure, such as as shown in Figure 9-7.

    Made with this process finishes, the wind and earthquake forces generated under the right amount of deflection allowed to absorb part of the wind and seismic forces, without cracks and fall off. When the wind and seismic forces gone, also with the structure of the stone reset. The process technology with traditional wet operation compared, eliminating the grouting process can shorten the construction cycle and reduce building weight, improve seismic performance, more importantly, to effectively prevent the filling of salt and other pigment on the stone infiltration pollution, improve quality and perception of its decorative effect. In addition, seasonal changes in outdoor temperature expansion and contraction caused by deformation of the external finishes to decorative panel may fall off, this process can be effective in preventing veneer off the occurrence of injuries. This process can also be installed dry hanging panels or large windows and glass curtain wall, metal decorative panel installation process and other supporting applications. Are quite a few large public buildings of stone veneer inside and outside the installation process has become increasingly common to hanging.

Tropical Green Marble

2 construction preparation

    2.1 Material Requirements:

    2.1.1 Stone: According to the design requirements, determine the varieties of stone, colors, patterns and sizes, and strict control, check its bending. Tensile and compressive strength, water absorption, resistance to freezing and thawing and other properties.

    2.1.2 Synthetic resin adhesives: for soft paste stone on the back of backing materials, requires a waterproof and anti-aging properties.

    2.1.3 Glass fiber mesh cloth: stone backing material.

    2.1.4 waterproof clay: for sealing joints.

    2.1.5 antifouling tape: Stone Edge for pollution prevention.

    2.1.6 caulking paste: for filling them with stone joints.

    2.1.7 Overlay coatings: for marble of the surface wind and pollution.

    2.1.8 Expansion bolts, connecting iron, stainless steel needles, and assorted connecting the iron plate, washer, nut, and frame fixed with a variety of design and installation of the required quality connectors must meet the requirements.

    2.2 Main equipment:

    2.1 bench drill, no tooth cutting saw, impact drill, gun drill, torque wrench, open end wrench, caulking gun, special trolleys, long tape measure, box ruler, hammer, steel chisels of various shapes, by foot, aluminum spirit level , feet, and more knives, scissors, pointing downpipe. Wire, spring wire cable package with the powder, fountain, white line, broom, shovel, ax, ash tank, ash bucket, tool bags, gloves, red pencils.

    2.3 Operating conditions:

    2.3.1 Check the quality of stone, specifications, variety, quantity, mechanical and physical properties are consistent with design requirements, and surface processing.

    Erection of double shelf processing structure 2.3.2 grassroots level, and make implicit pre-recorded, qualified only after the installation process.

    2.3.3 Water and equipment on the wall reserved for embedded parts have been installed. Vertical transportation equipment are prepared in advance.

    2.3.4 External doors and windows are installed, the installation of quality to meet the requirements.

    2.3.5 the construction personnel when technical disclosure, should emphasize the technical measures, quality requirements and product protection, especially shelf demolition, the collision has not completed the finished product. Construction should be preceded by a large area to do a model of accreditation by the quality inspection department, before construction of organizational team.

Tropical Green Marble

3 Operation Process

    3.1 Process:

    3.2 Site receipt: Receipt to the designated persons responsible for the management, we must carefully check the materials, specifications, models are correct, and the material alone are consistent with the apparent inconsistency was found stone colors to separate laying is to be returned to the factory, where crack missing edge off angle, and then used to repair the serious shall not be used. Also note that venues should be compacted stone pile, pad 10cm × 10cm through rectangular timber, allowed more than 8cm above the ground, square nailed the best rubber wood, stone by 75 ° to stand up leaning on a dedicated steel frame , each block of stone separated between the use of plastic film Press closer laying is to prevent stick together and tilt.

    3.3 stone to prepare: First, the colorimetric method the selection of the stone's color classification; installed on the same side of the stone should be the same color and size according to the design and drawings, special tooling will be fixed on the bench drill, for drilling stone. To ensure accurate vertical position to nail a bracket shaped stone, so stone on the bracket, we must face and drill a small hole perpendicular to hole after forming accurate hole depth is 20mm, pore size of 5mm, the bit is 4.5mm. Then brush the back of the stone unsaturated resin, mainly a practice of cloth 2 plastic, cloth for the alkali, assembled 24-purpose glass fiber cloth, stone over the plastic in the brush before the first number written on the slate, and stone The floating dust and miscellaneous pollution cleaned, such as saw rust, iron and Mo Zi, wire brush, coarse sandpaper to remove and then brush all over the glue, glue to use with the distribution as to prevent the cured waste. Must pay attention to the local corner brush, especially for the drilling of the site is a weak area, need to brush and cloth to be covered, rubber brushing the first time, in paving the glass fiber mesh cloth from the side when used over and over again brush drive flat, paved play two times after the glue, stick glue brush not too much to prevent the flow of small stone surface, it difficult to caulking, quality problems arise.

    3.4 Primary preparation: cleaning up the structure of pre-made decorative stone surface, at the same time hanging straight, set square, find the rules, pop-up vertical and horizontal. And in accordance with design drawings and the actual needs of the location of the pop-up installation of stone lines and sub-block line.

    3.5 hung up: according to design drawings, stone installed prior to use theodolite play before the two surfaces of the vertical horn control line, the best missile in position 20cm away from the horn to hang up at any time check the accuracy of the vertical, to ensure a smooth installation. Vertical hanging wire is preferred φ1.0 ~ φ1.2 as well, with a high degree of iron Shen below, are generally less highly Shen 40m iron weight 8 ~ 10kg, top hanging shelves dedicated hang angle, angle frame fixed with the expansion bolt horn in the top of the building must be hung on a solid, accurate and easy to hit moving place, and to pay attention to the protection and regular checks. And the control line, the next to mark.

Tropical Green Marble

    3.6 veneer bottom bracket: the pre-processed by the Route Support Brackets will be installed in the stone above the bottom. Brackets should be firmly supported, to be connected to each other, and the shelves can be connected together, well after the stent, along the direction of nail care support long-laying 50mm thick wood, wood catchy in the same horizontal plane, to ensure the stone on the same level below the surface.

    3.7 in the RC drilling on the envelope, the next expansion bolt: a good level in the structure of the surface missiles, according to design drawings and stone material position of the hole, accurate bombs in the building envelope on the wall and make marks, then press the point punch , impact drill hole can be used, the impact on φ12.5 bit, punched first with a sharp chisel in the pre-bomb a good point, chisel point, and then drill hole, hole depth in the 60 ~ 80mm, In case of structure in the steel, the hole can be moved horizontally or up in elevation, when used to connect iron adjustable margin back again. Requirements and structure of the surface into the vertical hole, hole to hole in the ash after the spoon with Komagari pulled out, placed in expansion bolts, appropriate to the level required for the expansion of the bolts have been installed in place.

    3.8 connected to the iron: The design requirements of the stainless steel bolt fixed angle plate of peace. Adjust the position of flat steel, flat steel plate so that the holes coincide with the insertion hole of the stone is fixed flat steel plate, with a torque wrench to tighten.

    3.9 Bottom slab installation: connecting iron to the side well, it could be the bottom panel by the corner of a place. Is temporarily fixed with a fixture, first wipe slate rubber side hole, adjust the iron, put a fixed needle, adjust the panel fixed. Followed in order to install the bottom panel, the bottom panel to be all in place, check whether the level of the plate in a line, if uneven to be adjusted; low level can be big wedge pad; can gently right out of high point big wedge, retreated panel catchy ending in a horizontal line; first adjust degree of horizontal and vertical panels, then check the seams, board width of the design requirements should be, even seams, the seams are tight lining embedded Article , caulking height is higher than 25cm. Then with 1:2.5 prepared using white cement mortar, filling in the bottom panel within 20cm high, set mortar surface drainage.

    3.10 slate wiped hole and plug to connect plastic needle: to 1:1.5 in the white cement epoxy resin into the curing agent, accelerator, with a small stick, mix well with a small stick will be wiped with a good glue into the hole, and then 40mm long connection to the φ4 hole in plate steel needle inserted through until the panel hole, the needle marks before the check whether the length meets the requirements of installation to ensure the vertical steel needle.

    Adjust the fixed 3.11: Panel for the time being fixed, the adjustment of the level of degree, such as uneven board surface I can board at one end of the end of the connection under the mouth of a flat steel plate pad pad corresponding double-stranded copper wire, copper wire, if crude, used a small hammer and flatten, if high, can the other side of the pad under the mouth of the above methods look. Adjust the verticality, and adjust the stainless steel panel catchy parts from the wall to connect the gap until the panel vertically.

    3.12 Top panel installation: at the top of last layer of stone panel in addition to the normal installation requirements, installation adjustment, the gap in the structure and slate hanging a pass in a long 20mm thick strips of wood, wood on the flat stone catchy continue to 250mm, Lifting can be located in connection iron, the wire can be used hanging wood, wooden, after hanging good, that the gap between the stone and the wall plug put in polystyrene board, polystyrene slab Chamber wider than the gap in order to packing tight, and to prevent leakage during filling slurry, resulting in cellular, holes, etc., filling to the next port 20mm slate roof panels used as a pressure.

    3.13 Article pollution, caulking: Article pollution along the panel edges paste, about the tape should be used 4cm-type adhesive tape, affixed to the edge of Qi, Yan posted in the crevice between the marble plate embedded flexible backing section, back Article lining can also be used 8mm thick 10mm high with a wide foam piece cut section, after backing away from a good article containing surface decoration 5mm, finally backing external caulking gun section into the gap in the neutral gel, when gluing force To all, take the gun to steady but slow. Such as the plastic surface is not smooth, can be stainless steel spoon Calibrating, tsp to whenever they were cleaned, embedded in stone bottom slot, be careful not to plug water pipes. According to stone color can be added in the amount of mineral pigment compound.

    3.14 Tropical Green Marble cleaning the surface, brush Overlay agent: the Tropical Green Marble section tore off the surface of the pollution, the slate wiped off with cotton thread, if glue or other adhesive solid debris, can cut lightly eradication, cotton silk with acetone wipe to clean and soiled. Overlay agents in the brush before construction, shall have control and understanding of weather trends, rainy days and 4 days of no wind above construction, pollution prevention film; winter, the rainy season can be a good indoor operations in sheltered conditions, brush the surface of the plate. Overlay agent than in the brush by with the first half hour of the good, mind the difference between primer and top coat, preferably a phased operation. Overlay agents prepared to mix, to prevent the film

When inequality. Brushing use 3in wool brush, dip paint should not be too much to prevent the flow of technology, as little as possible back to brush, so as not to have Shuahen require no bubbles, no leakage of brush, brush the flat should be shiny.

    Metal decorative panel 315 may also refer to the fixed installation process framework approach, to conduct Tropical Green Marble decorative panels hanging process structural join method of construction, especially in indoor dry hanging panel installation process.

Tropical Green Marble

4 Quality Standards

    4.1 ensure that the project:

    Varieties of decorative stone panels 4.1.1, corrosion, specifications, shape, flatness, geometric size, finish, color and pattern to meet design requirements, have product certification.

    4.1.2 surface layer and the substrate should be installed securely; paste material, hanging accessories must meet the design requirements and the requirements of current national standards, carbon steel fittings to be done to rust and corrosion protection.

    4.2 The basic items:

    4.2.1 surface smooth, clean; parquet correct, clear and smooth texture, uniform color; non-location arrangement suitable for the entire board, yin and yang corners of the plate voltage to the right.

    4.2.2 seam cell uniform, smooth seams, joints embedded in dense fill, line width, no dislocation Dislocation.

    4.2.3 prominence around the cutting board to cover the entire board, size accurate, consistent and tidy edges, smooth, wall panels, stickers and other catchy straight insurance.

    4.2.4 drip line straight, running water slope is correct, clear and beautiful.

    4.3 Tolerance project

Tropical Green Marble

5 product protection

    5.1 To clean the clear time left in the door window frames, glass and metal finishes board dirt, such as sealants, fingerprints, dust, water and other debris, should paste the protective film to prevent contamination, corrosion.

    Conscientiously implement the reasonable construction of the order of 5.2, a few types (water, electricity, ventilation, equipment installation, etc.) should be done in front of live, to prevent damage, contamination plug-stone veneer.

    5.3 Chaigai shelves and loading, the non-collision dry hanging stone veneer.

    5.4 End live outside finishes, the easily damaged parts of the edges and corners to nail Corner Protection Agency, and other types of operations and break something you can not scratch the finish stone.

    5.5 Overlay in outdoor brush before drying agent is not prohibited under the muck and turning shelf scaffold boards.

    5.6 plug-completed stone should be set under special guard in case of acts against the finished product should be immediately stopped and dealt with severely.

Tropical Green Marble

6 should be noted that the quality of Tropical Green Marble

    6.1 The exterior panel surface color was different: mainly poor quality stone, the construction of no testing and careful selection of cake.

    6.2 The line angle is not straight, uneven seam cells, not straight: The main thing is not seriously in accordance with the drawings before the construction of size, check the structural construction of the actual size, and sub-block is not thin elastic line, pull line is not straight and calibration checks are not suspended ground and other causes.

    6.3 gluing, caulking is not fine: This is related to leakage and appearance have a very close relationship, with particular attention to the surrounding population outside the window cover, changes in elevation bump node, junction of different materials, expansion joints, Phi water slope and such as bay windows and eaves and wall junction. First, operators must carefully adhere to inspection and no inspection was a kind, followed by management to move step by step, after the completion of each step must be carefully aircraft detailed inspection and acceptance.

    6.4 dirty walls, strabismus glue marks: The main reason is multifaceted, one operation process caused the bottom of the installation methods and techniques directly to the final product, quite difficult, more difficult on top of their greater; second operator must develop with a good rub in with clean habits; third is to strengthen the final product, management and education; 4 is a top-down before completion of a comprehensive and thorough wiping.

Tropical Green Marble

7 quality records

    The process standards should have the following quality records:

    7.1 Tropical Green Marble, fasteners, connectors and other factory certification.

    7.2 The sub-project quality inspection evaluation form.

    7.3 wind pressure and water spray test report card, etc..



Date: 10/09/15