Culture Stone - GHG 006

Culture Stone - GHG 006

Available Finishes:
Top Face Natural, other surface Machine-cutting
Top Face Natural, Black Machine-cutting
Available Standard Size: 15*60cm and ether specifications
Available Standard Thickness: 15-25l’25-35mm

Cultural stone:

With bumps and holes, the cultural stone makes the building sensible. The powers pf nature and the historicity marks are manifest en the surface of the stone. Cultural stone is an extensively processed product of natural slate. By a certain modulus as a basic unit, it is made and very easy to install.


Cultural stone is packaged by carton, and the square-amount is different according to its category. The color of the cultural stone is various after having been classified into thick and thin. We can offer every kind of cultural stone with the specified color according to the consumer's needs.

Author: Ghg_admin
Date: 10/02/03