Rojo Alicante Mosaic

Rojo Alicante marble mosaic tile features:

Design type: Plain marble mosaic
Material: Carefully selected Rojo Alicante marble from Spain
Chip size: 10x10mm,15x15mm,20x20mm,25x25mm,48x48mm,and more custom sizes
Sheet size: Around 305x305mm,thickness 7-8mm
Finish: Polished, honed, tumbled and etc
Packing: Packed in carton box then in wooden crates

Rojo Alicante marble mosaic

(General prospect of Rojo Alicante Mosaic) 

 Rojo Alicante    1 - honed rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante  2 - polished rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante

3 - Honed and Polished Murals rojo alicante

 Rojo Alicante   4 - honed rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante   5 - polished rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante   6 - honed rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante

7 - polished conrner rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante    8 - honed rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante    9 - polished rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante    10 - honed rojo alicante

Rojo Alicante    11 - polished rojo alicante


Rojo Alicante Mosaic

This floor design features:

  • Polished Rojo Alicante Marble
  • Polished Cherry Blossom Marble
  • Polished Mystique Dark Marble 

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Author: Ghg_admin
Date: 10/05/18