Beige Marble Tiles Laminated Ceramic


Type: Composite  Marbles

Name:  Marble Tiles Laminated Ceramic Beige

Country of Origin: China

Colour: Beige


1) Based on modern technology, using 3 - 5mm natural marble tiles laminated with ceramic or other materials

2) Size:   A) 300 x 300mm (12" x 12')
              B) 400 x 400mm (18" x 18")
              C) 600 x 600mm (24" x 24")
              D) 800 x 800mm (30" x 30")
              E) 800 x 1200mm (32" x 48") or larger than this size in the near future

3) Elegant: Marble tiles laminated with ceramic is more stylish and beautiful than ceramic and marble tiles

4) Economical: Marble tiles laminated with ceramic using a special adhesive layer, these materials are cheaper than marble tiles by 20%-30%.

5) Easier to install than marble tiles or ceramic tiles

6) Strong and waterproof: The adhesive layer makes the tile both stronger and more waterproof than ceramic and marble tiles .

Now our monthly output have reached 10,000 square metres.

Author: Ghg_admin
Date: 10/01/20