Bean Green Slate

Type: Natural Stone

Name: Bean Green Slate

Country of Origin: San Pedro Quarry, Spain. Operating since 1892

Colour: Grey

Detailed Product Description:

 It is a blue black slate with a very rough surface which contains non rusting metallic particles. This slate is split to a thickness of 3.5mm and 7-8mm for the "Heavy" variant.

20,000 tons/year.


SIZE: (in cm) Between 25x15 & 50x25.

UK: Heavy 30x20, 35x20, 40x20, 40x25 & 50x25

Ireland: Heavy 50x25

France: 25x15, 27x18, 30x18, 30x20, 32x22 & 33x23

Benelux: 25x15, 27x18, 30x20 & 32x22

Spain: 30x18, 30x20 & 32x22

Author: Ghg_admin
Date: 10/01/14