Type: Natural Marble Name: Hanbai White (White Jade) Marble Country of Origin: China Colour: Pure White Detailed product Description : 1) Finishes: polished,

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The new unit opened a marble mine, located in scenic Hangzhou outskirts of Fuyang. Professional mining production according to customer specifications for the r

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product Description: GHG STONE produces all types of stone mosaic, such as marble mosaic, granite mosaic, travertine mosaic, onyx mosaics, sandstone mosaic, q

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The marble factory regulate their brands Crema Marfil and Rojo Alicante to enhance product quality. The employer shall establish rules for use with a view to bo

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This natural stone product more and more widely used by people in the building, partly because of its architectural features with the other, the United States b

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1. Edge: eased, bullnose 2. products = professionally + good quality + best price+serve 1) Shanxi Black Prefabricated Countertop: Countertop straight, Counte

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Day 1: Client gave their target Stone Mosaic sample. Day 2 - Day 4: Confirm the design and technical requestment for Stone Mosaic . Day 5 - Day 11: Stone Mos

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Commodity: Fountain Raw-materials: Cream Antotalia Travertine Color: Beige production Period: 16 days only Day 1: Receive the drawingby theclient's own design,

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Detailed product Description Type: Countertop, Nature Marble Name: Rojo Alicante Country of Origin: Origin in Spain, and manufactured in China Colour: Red S

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Detailed product Description Type: Countertop Name: Rojo Alicante Country of Origin: Spain Colour: Red Rojo Alicante Countertop Specifications: 1) Finishe

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